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   Perhaps nothing stirs the spirit so much as the romantic era of the Great Clipper Ships. Today, a new name proudly carries on the tradition of the tall ships with two new sailing vessels -- the first passenger sailing vessels to be classified by Lloyds since the early 1900's. Star Flyer and Star Clipper are true sailing ships worthy of the clipper heritage.

Clipper Ships Layouts Mast

Sun Deck

Clipper Deck

Main Deck

Clipper Deck

Clipper Deck

Clipper Deck

Commodore Deck

Commodore Deck

Farewell Dinner


Escargots en Burre Garlic

Asparagus Wrapped in Smoked Salmon


Cream of Mushroom


Dill Cucumber Salad


Caribbean Lobster Tail, Drawn Butter

Grilled Sirloin

Choice Angus Sirloin Topped with Sauteed Mushrooms

To complement your entree

Baked Stuffed Potatoes Mandarin Style Vegetable Medley

Buttered Baby Lima Beans


Kiwi Crepe

Cheesecake, Raspberry Sauce

A Typical Day


Wednesday, 26th February 1997

Langkawi / Malaysia

08:00 - 17:30


Langkawi is the biggest island in Malaysia with taxfree shopping, water sports and an active night life. The temperature varies between 23 - 33 degree Celsius Beaches range from white to amber to black. And the water is generally pure blue. If you are tired from the beach visitors can pass the time gambling in the casino.


06. 30-10. 30 Early Bird Breakfast Piano Bar
07.30-09.30  Breakfast Buffet Clipper Dining Room
13. 00-14. 30 Luncheon Buffet Clipper Dining Room
17.00  Happy Hour with hors d 'oeuvre Tropical Bar
19. 30-21. 45  Dinner is served Clipper Dining Room
23. 00  Late Night Snack Special Sundeck



08.00 SPV Star Plyer anchors off Langkawi /Malaysia
08.30 Start of the excursion: .. Culture Tour "Return approx. 13.30
09.00 Captain 's story time behind the bridge Sundeck
09.30-16.30 Water sport activities (details on the blackboard) Tropical Bar


Last render back to the vessel - All guests aboard! Please check-in your key-tag

17.30 SPV Star Flyer sets sail towards Malacca /Malaysia
17.00-18.00 Musical carrousel with Gera Tropical Bar
19.00 Cocktail melodies on the piano Piano Bar
21. 30 Dance under the stars of Malaysia Sundeck
22. 00 Come in a traditional Toga -join our Toga-Party
22. 00 We have a Pool-Party One free drink for everybody who joins us in the pool. Sundeck


 *Currency: Malaysia Ringitt / 1 U$ - approx. 2,4 Bahl /Dollars are mainly accepted

*Agency: MSA Shipping Comp. ./ Langkawi / Tel. 9591007

* Name of our anchorage: Tanjung Xhu - There is jetty at Tanjung Rhu, please be prepared for a wet landing.

* Tenderschedule.· Each half hour one tenderfrom the ship to the Langkmui and back.

Last lender to the ship: 17.00 h

* Visit our Sloop Shop, we are lookingforuard to be to your assistance.

* On Thursday evening we have a talent show. Do you like to participate? Do you have talents as singer, magician, comed~an or any other talents you like to perform for us. please contact Peter or· Geza for a rehearsal? Don 't be shy, just take part!

We wish you an exciting day in Langkawi


Ports of Call

ATHENS, Greece The capital of Greece and birthplace of Western Civilization, is a vibrant city where old and new co-exist. Athens is built around a steep-sided flat-topped hill called the Acropolis, where the holy places of ancient civilization are cradled. Rising above the buildings and crowds, the ancient Parthenon offers a glimpse of Greece's glorious past. Visit the Temple of Zeus, the Panathenian Stadium or just wander the narrow winding streets of the Plaka district, with its numerous tavernas, bouzoukias (cafes with floor shows) and restaurants.

ASTIPALAIA, Greece Lying like an almost forgotten part of the Dodecanese Island chain, it consists of two mountain ranges joined by a long slender isthmus. During the 13th century, the Venetian family, Quirini, ruled the island. From the Quirini Castle, there is a magnificent view of the aqua blue sea shimmering across the island.

BODRUM, Turkey Compared to France's St. Tropez, this beach resort is filled with cafes, restaurants and discos. It is still unspoiled and beautiful, with whitewashed buildings covered with bougainvillea and unfettered vistas of the bays. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum (the monumental tomb of King Mausoleus of Karya) was erected here. Visit Bodrum Castle, known as the Castle of St. Peter, built by the crusaders in the 11th century.

CESME, Turkey This pleasant seaside town is located on the coast of Turkey, west of Izmir. Cesme's Genoese fortress has a museum containing archeological finds from the area relating to its maritime history. In the evening the locals observe the old Mediterranean custom of "plyasa vakti" (plaza time); where they dress up and go to the main square for a stroll, a glass of tea, a bit of conversation and some people-watching.

KARPATHOS, Greece This charming, elongated island lies in the Aegean, midway between Crete and Rhodes. Its residents take great care to preserve their local traditions, language and folkloric customs. Karpathian's are renowned for their feasts and weddings.

KASTELLORIZON, Greece Officially known as Megisti, Kastellorizon is the smallest of the fourteen islands of the Dodecanese. Its few inhabitants are mainly concentrated in the east coast. This island was the setting for the film "Mediterraneo".

KEA, Greece A picturesque hamlet for the summer yachting community, Kea lies on the northwestern point of the Cyclades group. The Cyclades, named after the circle they form around Delos, have dazzling white architecture, mountainous peaks and golden beaches.

KEKOVA, Turkey A five-mile long, lizard-shaped island, lies on a notched shoreline, whose many inlets create a series of lagoons. If you cruise the coves between each village, the sunken remains of ancient Greek and Roman columns, stairways and Lycian tombs half-submerged in a haunting succession of ancient cities will be visible from your ship.

KOS, Greece Renowned as the birthplace of Hippocrates, Kos is in many ways much like Rhodes, with its green slopes and bustling harbor, but is far less crowded. The city is built along a wide bay and captures ones eye instantly, as oleander, bougainvillea and jasmine grow profusely. The island is endowed with wonderful sandy beaches and little tavernas.

KUSADASI, Turkey This gulf city has miles of isolated beaches along the coast as well as extensive Greek and Roman ruins, notably Ephesus, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Among the most visited sites is the house where the Virgin Mary lived until her death, the Temple of Hadrian and the Fountain of Trajan.

LINDOS, Greece This ancient Acropolis lies on the eastern coast of Rhodes and is poised high above two incredibly beautiful bays and an enchanting village of dazzling white buildings. The site of its exquisite colonnade with the sea far below is unforgettable. Below the medieval castle perched on a rock summit, one can find a labyrinth of winding streets with elaborately decorated houses.

MYKONOS, Greece Perhaps the most alluring of the Aegean islands, combines a relaxed Grecian atmosphere with the jet-set style of beautiful beaches and boutiques. Charming chapels, windmills and small fishing harbors present visitors with an enchanted island.

PATMOS, Greece The smallest island of the twelve island archipelago, is perhaps best known as the island where St. John the Evangelist wrote the apocalyptic "Book of Revelations". This tranquil island is composed of three volcanic peaks and is full of pink bougainvillaea and red geranium. it is ringed with beautiful white beaches. Above the port, a steep hill rises to the village of Hora, where narrow streets lead to the Monastery of St. John.

RHODES, Greece The largest of the twelve island archipelago, was the legendary home of Hellos, God of the Sun. This island's long and eventful history is represented by temples and classical monuments. Rhodes was dubbed the "Bride of the Sun" by Homer and "Island of the Roses" by more recent poets.

SAIMOS, Greece Lying on the north-eastern Aegean, Samos was an important center of Hellenic culture. According to Greek mythology, it is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess (Hera) June and the philosopher Pythagoras. Enjoy its golden sandy beaches, sunbathed vineyards, lush and humid mountainsides skirted by pine, sycamore and oak-forested hills.


Santorini is believed to have been formed when a volcano erupted in 1500 B.C., causing the island to collapse. The sea rushed in and left a gigantic crater that covers 8.5 square miles. Today, it is a visual marvel of multicolored volcanic rock towering up from the blue Aegean waters. Santorini is graced with ancient ruins, vineyards and tiny villages of white houses and blue-domed churches. Take a donkey ride from the harbor to the clifftop town of Thira, to explore craft shops. Kamari Beach is five miles of black sand, and the most popular sun spot for tourists.

SYMI, GreeceFrom the sea, Symi appears to be a mainly rocky island, but on its southern coast, one can see the patches of pine forests, mulberries and fruit-bearing trees. This natural island is filled with narrow walkways, and muted blue, amber and rose-hued houses built upon steep sides of the water's edge, much like a child's building block version of a town.

AJACCIO, Corsica. Corsica's largest town, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Its yellow-toned buildings and majestic citadel are set in a magnificent bay framed by a shadowy mountain range. Ajaccio has an exceptionally mild climate, numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

ATHENS, Greece This classical city is home to impressive ruins. The Acropolis is the main attraction in Athens. As you ascend the Acropolis via the Panathenic Way, you'll pass under the Propylaea gate to find the Parthenon looming before you.

BODRUM, Turkey One of the prettiest beach resorts in the south Aegean region is filled with cafes, restaurants and discos. Lovely whitewashed buildings covered with bougainvillaea overlook a dazzling blue bay. The Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was erected here.

BONIFACIO, Corsica Situated at Corsica's southernmost point, it is a narrow peninsula of dazzling white limestone creating a site unlike any other on the island. It is the most genoese of Corsican cities. The ancient citadel town perched high atop dramatic cliffs looks down majestically on the harbor below.

CABO DE GATA, Spain This natural beauty spot is found in the province of Almera. It is said that the beaches in this area are the last virgin beaches in mainland Spain.

CALVI, Corsica This historic port town will fascinate you with its old world charm and narrow streets lined with restaurants. Below the citadel, Calvi's main attraction, you'll find red-roofed houses, palm trees and the yacht-filled marina from where the town's beach sweeps around the bay.

CANNES, France The most famous and glamorous of all Riviera towns is best known as the annual host of the famous Cannes Film Festival. The harboris filled with fabulous yachts of the rich and famous who flock here for the chic social scene, superb shopping and sandy beaches.

GIGLIO, ITALY Giglio is second in size among the Tuscan Islands. Terraced vineyards, pastel villas, colorful boats and the villages of Giglio Castello and Campese make the stop a photographer's delight. You'll have your pick of beaches, including one where sand and water are the color of gold.

IBIZA, Spain Ibiza is one of the three Balearic islands. Cottages surrounded by flowers dot this peaceful island, nestled in the bosom of the deep blue Mediterranean.

IDHRA (HYDRA), Greece This long narrow mountainous island is separated from the Argolic peninsula by the sea of Ermione. There is only one town on this island and no motor vehicles. Since its discovery as a film-making location, the island has become a fashionable artists' colony.

ILE ROUSSE, Corsica Situated on the northwest coast of Corsica, this earthy resort town is the kind of place everybody wants to run away to someday. Its palm trees, flower gardens and colossal pink seafront hotel create an atmosphere much like the French Riviera's. Its beaches are ideal for watersports.

KASTELLORIZON, Greece This small triangular island is the smallest of the fourteen Dodecanese islands and yet the largest of a miniature archipelago lying near the coast of Asia Minor. The island was the setting for the film "Mediterraneo "

KITHERA, Greece Located south of Piraeus, Kithera is a small island known mainly as a hideaway for villa-owning Greeks. Its harbor is dominated by a Venetian fortress located 900 feet above. There is a charming little town nearby with a wonderful view.

LIMASSOL, Cyprus Cyprus' main port of entry has attractive beaches and a lively social life revolving around restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Visit Limassol Castle (Cyprus Medieval Museum) where Richard the Lionhearted married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her queen of England.

LIPARI ISLANDS, Italy This charming Aeolian Island lies off the northern coast of Sicily. Lipari is home to a solitary castle and a small fishing village that is waking up to growing numbers of tourists.

MALAGA,Spain The history of Malaga goes back at least 2,000 years. Each civilization that has lived there left visible marks that enrich its contemporary culture. Malaga has the best climate in Europe with 325 days of sunshine per year.

MONTE CARLO, Monaco There is much to see here, from the extravagant architecture to the impressive harbor crammed with private yachts. Stroll through the ornate gaming rooms of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, one of the most representative buildings of the "Belie Epoque" architecture.

PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain This Balearic island capital has miles of beach and endless sunshine. Visit Bellver Castle, located on top of a hill offering a magnificent view over the city and the bay.

PORTOVENERE, The southernmost end of the Italian Riviera. This charming village lies on a rock-bound peninsula. Its inaccessible location kept it isolated for centuries before being discovered by the poet Lord Byron. Multicolored stone houses, dating from the 12th century dot its steep hillsides.

RHODES, Greece The largest of the twelve island archipelago, its balmy climate and lovely beaches have made the island a summer resort favorite. It is the legendary home of Helios, God of the Sun. This island's long and eventful history is represented by temples and classical monuments.

SANTORINI, Greece Santorini is graced with ancient ruins, vineyards and tiny villages of white houses and blue-domed churches that spill down the cliffs to an azure sea. Take a donkey ride from the harbor to the clifftop town of Thira, the main village on this island.

SERIFOS, Greece This small rocky island has a little over 1000 inhabitants. It lies between Kithnos and Sifnos. Roman emperors used this island as a place for political prisoners.

ST, TROPEZ, France Though not much bigger than a large village, it has long been one of the world's hot spots. It is said that the most spectacular way to approach its exquisite harbor is by sea. Explore the famous beaches such as the appropriately named Tahiti Plage where topless sunbathing began.

TAORMINA, Italy Clifftop Taormina is the pride of Sicily. Smell the floral scent of citrus as you approach the great volcano that looms over the ancient Greek amphitheater. Visit the shops filled with colorful ceramic items of its local artisans.


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